International #3 Octopus

Apple IPhone  Face ID

The iPhone X’s new app is Face ID. When it recognizes your face, it unlocks. But maybe it unlocks more than just the face?


Huawei  Psmart +

A cute commercial that’s also a warning


Acid Rain/ Tomek  Popakul

Off to the forest, and ready for anything, a girl meets up with a boy of odd and unexpected ways. They hitch up with a bunch of ‘60s style young people, i.e apathetic and confused.  Does adventure beckon in this prize-winning Polish movie?


Octopus / Victor Haegelin

Will The Hero save the Lady from the Giant Octopus? Check into this little 3D parody and see.


Nadine / Patric Peris / NFB

From out of nowhere, the most beautiful girl in the world sits at the table across from me at the library. Is that a smile?


Gokurosama/  Clementine Frere

When an old Japanese lady puts her back out preparing her baked goods, her loyal young assistant volunteers to take her to a chiropractor a few floors up in this giant supermall. What could be simpler? Uhuh!


Reverie /Philip Piaget

Agonised by his Dad’s impending death, a lad must face the fears it brings


Phones are Good /Wieden and Kennedy

Supposing there’d been a smartphone on the Titanic? A humorous ‘what if’ look at history via the smartphone


Late Afternoon/ Louise Bagnall

Past and present memories jostle her mind, but Emily strives to stay in the present and maintain her identity in this 2018 Oscar-nominated film.


Editors- The Blanck Mass Recording

An anthem to engineering logic



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