International #5 The green Bird

Solar Walk / Reka Bucsi

On the ability to find beauty in Chaos and the Unknown, this film also speaks on the achievements of individual man in, and influences on the solar system we are part of.


The Green Bird / Maximilien Bourgeois

A hyperactive green bird lays its first egg. She’ll do anything (and more), to make it hatch


Maybe It’s Me / Dimitris Simou

His own memories, his Grandpa’s loss of memory. fears, regrets. It all comes together in 3D.


Les Levres Gèrcées (Chapped Lips) / Kelsi Phung

Over lunch a mother and her son struggle for dialogue. She’s worried about his behavior at school. Questions of gender arise.


Nevada / Emily Ann Hoffman

In this stop-motion comedic short, a birth control mishap interrupts a young couple’s romantic weekend getaway.


Another You / Olivier Lescot

Lescot’s stylish music video has Breakbot and Ruckazoid merge into galactic pimp Breakazoid who’s all for cosmic love in Another You


My Grandfather’s Memory Book/  Colin Levi

When he died, Byron Levy left behind a vast inheritance — of never-before-seen drawings.


The New Normal

Welcome to The New Normal, a dioramic journey through America’s complex history with cannabis.


The Call /Anca Damian

An elderly woman’s bathtub becomes a place to escape into memories, fantasies, and other watery reveries in this free-flowing, astoundingly intricate animation.


Cubed/Xue En Ge  People with Rubik’s Cube heads are a metaphor for interpersonal relationships, its colors


Wedensday 31.07 / at 13:00 / Hall 5
Friday 02.08 / at 20:30 / Hall 5
Saturday 03.08 / at 17:00 / Hall 2