You do too choose your family

Buddy Joe /Julien David

With wry humor a former movie set painter talks about “Buddy Joe”, his nickname for the Parkinsons Disease that is ravaging his body and his mind.


Les Empeches  (The Thwarted)/Sandrine Terragno

Nine monologues from people about the inability to speak freely about the things that plague them, that they fear, that prevent them from becoming who they want to be.


Toomass Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves/ Chintis Lundgren

Toomass, a exemplary office worker and family man, is fired for refusing to satisfy his predatory boss. How can he tell his beloved family he works as a gigolo to support them


A Gong / Zozo Jhen

A seven year old boy moves toward acceptance of his beloved Grndpa’s death at a traditional funeral in Taiwan.


O Mother / Paulina Ziotkowska

An over-possessive mother shadows every step her boy takes. One day they meet a scary dog and now he’s the one in charge. Will Mama take the hint and let him live his own life?


Threads / Torill Kove

In her latest animated short, Academy Award winning director Torill Kove explores parental love as threads that come together, get complicated, stretch and – sometimes – break.


For adults / For youth
Wedensday 31.07 / at 17:00 / Hall 4
Thursday 01.08 / at 14:00 / Hall 4
Friday 02.08 / at 16:30 / Hall 2