Oscar Animation – nominees and winners

Animal Behaviour /Alison Snowden and David Fine – 2018 nominee

Five animals meet regularly to discuss their inner angst in a group therapy session led by canine psychiatrist, Dr. Clement Kalev. The group’s disorders run the gamut from eating disorders to repressed violence and the film gleefully takes on the lot.


Madame Tutli Putli  /Chris Lavis & Maciek Szczerbowski – 2018 nom.

As she travels alone on the night express, weighed down by all her earthly possessions and the ghosts of her past, Madame Tutli-Putli isn’t sure whether the odd things that occur are real or imagined.


Weekends / Trevor Jimenez – 2018 nom.

We all know this one. A small child shunts between his divorced parents’ homes. Lovely, sad and touching.


Late Afternoon  / Louise Bagnall – 2018 nom. (see also international #3)

Past and present memories jostle her mind, but Emily strives to stay in the present and maintain her identity.


Crac/Frederic Back – winner 2018

The unforgettable story of a rustic rocking-chair in Canada’s backwoods from its start as a log through the joys and sorrows it witnessed to its disposal and rescue, and then its reincarnation as a shiny retro relic in a museum.


Bao / Domee Shi – winner 2018

A woman suffering from empty nest syndrome gets a second shot at motherhood when one of her handmade dumplings springs to life.


Miyu Distribution medley

Created in 2017, Miyu Distribution specializes in international sales and distribution of animated short films. It also distributes the graduation films of leading animation schools as well as those from independent producers.

They share with us the following:


Per Tutta La Vita/ Roberto Catani

On a journey into the very crevices of their memory a woman and a man retrace the most important moments of their love-story.


Haenyo  (The women of the sea)  /Eloic Gimenez

This film focuses on the life of the Haenyo, the women pearl-divers of Jeju in South Korea, focusing also on their idioms and the musicality of their language.


Egg / Martina Scarpelli

Have you ever thought of food as a choice rather than a need? Have you ever considered that your home offers complete security when you’re ill? And how about sexual pleasure and food? Some musings from a girl with an eating disorder.


Danse Exquise / Quart Avant Poing

A commercial for upscale restaurant La Grenouillère.


The Juggler /Skirmanta Jakaite

A profound film that moves us to an alternative reality, the kind we shrink from, that scares us, the one we never quite grasp but that’s oh, so close to us.


Luge / Mickaël Dupre

Ah childhood! Marion wants to go sleighing on “the” hill of her childhood; she and her brother go in search of it 


Bloeistraat 11 / Nienke Deutz

Inseparable best friends, the two little girls have a rare ol’ time that last summer of their childhood. Pretty soon their bodies will start to change and so, maybe, will their lives


Dead Man’s Reach / Quentin Vien

A young man’s metaphorical journey to discover his identity and purpose in life: he falls asleep on the London Underground only to ‘awaken’ in the desert. He discovers he can write songs. Will music lift him above loneliness and alcohol?


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