Good Heart – a selection of shorts on family and friends

Mego&prol 8.32 min.

Two friends live on an island full of food. One loves to cook, the other to eat

By Tasuno Goda/ producers: Yuriko Okada, Iroki Ido/Japan 2018


Good Heart/5 min.

A stone-age family in a stone-age forest. All anxious Mama wants is that they’ll stay healthy and have enough to eat. Then one day Sonny brings home a puppy…

By Yevgenia Jirkova/producers: Boris Mashkovstev, Sergei Storosovski/Russia 2018


The Green Bird/6.45 min.

A green bird lays its first egg. She’ll do anything (and more), to make it hatch.

By Pierre Proyri /MoPA/France 2017


Full/6.32 min

A short-tempered cat makes an odd friend who helps him master his temper.

By Elsie Simulin/producer:Supinfocom Rubika/France 2018


Stormy Night/9 min

Grandma, Pussy and the fire in the stove are cosy together. Suddenly the fire runs after the bolt of lightning. Grandma runs after the fire. The moral: True love is where the home is.

By Gil Elkabetz/music by Adi Cohen/ production: Sweet Home Studio/Germany 2019


Island/2.30 min

Odd creatures meet on a little island

Produced & directed by Max Mortel and Robert Lobl/Germany 2017


So Cold/6.40 min

The farmer who’s chasing the fox who’s stealing the sheep who’s eating a cabbage. Nothing is as expected, but when it’s cold, so cold – great.

Directed by Anna Kritzkaya/produced by Irina Shenzinskaya/Russia 2017



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