International #1 Belle a Croquer

Belle a Croquer / Axel Courtiere

Oscar Mongoût, a gourmet cannibal, adores his neighbor, the very vegetal Miss Carrot. This can’t work: she is a vegetarian, while he totally abhors vegetables. Things take a drastic turn the evening she invites him to dinner.


Embraced /Justie Vuylsteker

Standing still in front of the open window, a woman stares at the dark clouds obscuring the sky. Immobile, she battles past memories. In the clouds, a passionate embrace appears.


Oh & Yeah /Li Wen Yu

He and she meet, mostly in their imagination. An erotic fantasy that disappears when they open their eyes, and it’s back to reality.


Lemon / Catherine Prowse

In a war zone a gardener defies the destruction around her by planting lemon trees amid the ruins.


Life Cycles/   Ross Hogg

The routines of life monotonously cycle by. Do we have the courage to break free from them?


Some /Ryan Rumbolt

Inspired by the work of and a poem by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass, Some is a short film that explores the gamut of feelings in everyday life.


The First Kiss / Hannah Jacobs

Young animators bring to life Tim Siebles’ poem ‘First Kiss’, a TED-Ed’s series initiative directed at animating the colors, subjects and emotions that poetry brings to our lives.


Travelogue Tel Aviv /Samuel Patthey

After six months at Shenkar, a young Swiss student brings his Israeli/Tel Aviv experiences vividly to life in a spot-on animated short.


The seven worlds / Ridley Scott

Hollywood director Scott’s richly peopled and funded film is an image ad for the seven particular flavors of Hennessy cognac.


Freaks of Nature/Alexandra Lamay

A stop-motion film about a mother-daughter relationship bursting at the seams with babies, poodles and flying spaghetti.


Mia Landsen Independent net Troll Fighter

Apr 15, 2019 – Director Jesper Ericstam and 22-year-old Norwegian data detective (and Tae Kwon Do champion) Mia Landsen celebrate personal freedom and non-conformity as they storm into the dark corners of the web and real life.


Raymonde/Sarah Van Den Boom

An aging owl, lonely Raymonde really would like a bit of love, companionship and sex


Theo and Celeste / Hannah Dougherty

As Theo and Celeste play a game of ‘would you still be my friend if’ to test their new friendship, their hypothetical questions become reality, forcing them to confront their deepest fears and strongest yearnings.


For adults
Tuesday 30.07 / at 20:30 / Hall 2
Thursday 01.08 / at 20:30 / Hall 2
Saturday 03.08 / at 11:30 / Hall 5