International #4 Deepness Of The Fry

Deepness of the Fry /August “Poul” Niclasen

An absurdist-type collage that asks whether, in a world where everything’s already been said, done and experienced is there anybody who’s truly unique? And is thinking about that a good idea?


Fire in Cardboard City/ Phil Brugh

What’s gonna happen when a totally cardboard city catches fire? A comment on big-budget Hollywood disaster movies.


Two Balloons / Mark C. Smith

As two lemurs in love pilot their airship around the world they must contend with Weather that (nearly) scuttles them. We did say ‘nearly’.


The Theory of Sunset / Roman Sokolov

Sunrise. Sunset. This poetic little Russian film about a cyclist traversing the forest shows us what occurs at both and in between.


Free To Roam   /Gianluca Maruotti

Music video on the freedom to express emotions from Giangrande’s album Beauty at Closing Time


Get Your Brain Back / Remarkable

The social media, the news, email – Information bombards us 24/7. Has our love for technology made us blind to what really matters? In short- we’d better control technology before it controls us.


The Brave Heart /Luca Schenato  & Sinem Vardarli

A brave heart goes on a journey through the body to try and sort out its problems the Morning After – that’s a hangover.


Cat Days /Jon Frickey

“Be what you are” is the message from this prize-winning short about a little boy, cat fever and identity.


Farting Martin / Ben Collier Marsh

Low humor yet funny, about a young boy whose farts are formidable.


One After the Other / Nicolas Pegon

Grant, a young American musician wanders idly through his home seeking inspiration from scraps of memory, from bits and pieces of his stuff.


Muteum/Aggie Lee Pak Tee

A play on words of ‘museum’ in which a teacher takes her pupils to an art museum – and keeps shutting them up when they respond to what they see.

They learn a bit – just the same.


Wedensday 31.07 / at 22:00 / Hall 2
Friday 02.08 / at 16:30 / Hall 5
Saturday 03.08 / at 15:30 / Hall 2