International Medley of Classics for Kids

As we do every year, we’ve brought in some of the great classic films, most of which aren’t even around anymore, films that were made before the age of the computer.

They include:

Animal Movie by NFB from Canada that shows how animals move

The Pink Panther – the short made following Peter Sellars’ iconic film that won an Oscar and spawned a series

Penguin Cinderella – all the characters are penguins. Now what kind of slipper does the Prince slip on Cinderella’s foot?

Smile at Auntie – No way can Auntie make the little boy smile. The book is by Dina Patterson

Donald’s Cousin Gus – a golden oldie from Disney

When the Dust Settles – “That neighbor! The dust from his cave gets into everything. We’ll show him…” but in the end it’s compromise and cooperation that makes life go.

The Boy and the Wild Goose – a little boy tends the broken wing of a wild goose until it’s well enough to join the flock.


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Wedensday 31.07 / at 11:30 / Hall 5
Friday 02.08 / at 10:00 / Hall 5