Documation – 2019

5 Years After the War   /Samuel Albaric & Quart Avant Poing

How does one grow up between an absent Iraqi father and a mother? Tossed around by the upheavals of the current age, Tim tries as hard as he can to find his place in the world.


There Are No Gays in Nigeria /Andre Tomonari

The true story of Bisi Alimi, a former Nigerian TV star, who went from “preaching hell fire and damnation”  awaiting homosexuals to become the first person in his country to come out on national TV.


Beyond the Forest / Perry S. Chen

The Holocaust through the eyes of 8-year-old Jewish girl, Ingrid Pitt, animated by Perry Chen, an 8 year old Korean boy, produced by his mom Zhu Shen, storyboard by Bill Plympton.


The Number on Great Grandfather’s Arm/Amy  Schatz

Ten-year-old Elliott asks his 90-year-old great-grandfather, Jack, about the number tattooed on his arm. But this isn’t just another Memory. The one track dwells on the fond relationship between the old man and his great-grandchild, the other animates the old man’s stories.


#MeToo/Daniela Contreras , Natalie Labarre

A small, hard-punching film that testifies to the rape and sexual abuse of a young woman by a powerful man. This film was one of four PSAs released by the #MeToo movement, created by Tarana Burke in 2006 to support survivors and end sexual violence.


My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes / Charlie Tyrell

Director Charlie Tyrell tries to achieve a better understanding of his dead father as he and his siblings sift through the stuff left behind, including a stack of porno videos.


Racial Conversations /Jordan  Bruner

A “how to” animation on how to talk to kids on tough subjects such as race using stories and old animated classics to help bring down barriers


Segregated By Design /Mark Lopez

Shows how our federal, state and local governments unconstitutionally segregated every major metropolitan area in America through law and policy. The film suggests that to solve a problem you have to understand what caused it.


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