Modern Japanese Animation

Selected by Hiromitsu Murakami
In contrast to the ubiquitous animé, this program is dedicated to independent artistic animation in Japan today.

HiromitsuMurakami: Born 1975 in Yokohama, Japan. He studied video, animation and interactive art at Tokyo Polytechnic University and IAMAS in Japan. Moved to the UK in 2000, where he completed his MA in Animation at Royal College of Arts in 2004. He later founded his own company “Flicker Corporation” after working as a freelance creator.

I Like Ducks/Q Rais
Unscripted. An old man dawdles along, when …

Daydream/Chihiro Sawamura
About a girls living in the suburbs

Had Lived/Yuka Sato
A film about death. Recalling the death of his beloved grandfather, Sato recalls memories that remain, those that are gone and the myriad feelings that remain after this painful event.

Fill and Moo/Toshiko Hata
One day, Fill finds a film projector and when it is turned on, Moo appears out of nowhere. “Join me,” says Moo, and a big adventure starts.

Ano Neno Kabocha- Japanese Word games/ Miyo Sato
Word games and kiddie songs for anyone everywhere

Look at Me Only /Tomoki Misato
It doesn’t help romance when your boyfriend brings his pet guinea pig to a dinner date, and looks around..Still, he’s determined, so maybe…

A Girl Held Between the Trees since Birth / Chihiro Yamanaka
A woman artist speaks of her experiences in the field and the moods her paintings instill. Her musings bring her to serenity and the feeling of her place in the world.

Apple Slices/ Meo Koyano
A boy is attracted to a girl who can do magic. He follows her, hoping for a meeting, then discovers he closeness to a strange creature. Japanese mystery in a Western idiom.

Letters from Hibakusha “My Balsam Grandpa”/Keiko Shiraishi
Japan’s atomic trauma lingers. The film tells of a grandfather who carries its scars with him, then tell his granddaughter when she’s old enough to understand.

Quest of the Battling Gods / Yosuke Tani
A kind of parody on the gods’ epic battles through abstract animations.

Summer time / Akino Fukuji
Mommy is in the hospital. Daddy, of course, is busy, so the little girl is left to her own devices with only her dog to watch over her.

For adults / For youth
Tuesday 30.07 / at 22:30 / Hall 4
Wedensday 31.07 / at 15:00 / Hall 4
Friday 02.08 / at 13:00 / Hall 5